Thursday, February 25, 2010

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of our constitution.

As so many of you most have seen the ads in the national television about the 60th anniversary of the Indian Constitution.
Is this a think to celebrate???

Our Constitution is still the same even after 60 years and 64 years of independence.
India is considered as the youngest nation in the world,the average age is 25.1 years.Even after the LPG,liberation,privatization and globalization of the nation.We are still forced to follow the those traditional laws.

Reservation on the basis of caste and community has become a major threat to the development of the nation.
I agree, during the time of independence the people of back wards classes needed a up liftment of the governing body,but is it still required even after so many years and even after great economical revolution.

There are so many examples in the society who are from the backward classes are in a very respectfully positions,Do they really need economical support from the govt.

Am not opposing the extension of support of the them, it will be meaning full when this support is made available only those who are economically back ward.He may be a brahmin,jain,muslim or even from a back ward classes. Hope this day will one day or the other in the future.But is better to be late then never.

Another threat to the nation is CORRUPTION.
Day by day corruption is increasing and there is no such clue to come down.Lokayukta is the dept which is set to monitor the corruption,but the tragic thing is that even that dept is corrupted.

Constitution has not given enough power to such dept to stop it. Such Amendments has to be made.

We all hope this day will come.If not in this generation atleast for next generation.

Mera Bharat phir be mahan hai
Jai Hind!!!